A Face in a Dark (মুখোশ) - Ruskin Bond

Mr.Oliver is a teacher at that school's elite family in the area of ​​Shimla. Mr Oliver taught in this school for a long time. He goes to market for an evening walk and returns some nights and returns to the school via a small street to save time. This lonely road Nature storm makes fear for ordinary people, but not for Oliver. He is rational and the nerves are extremely resilient, so he does not tolerate this unrealistic phenomenon. That night he was returning home with a small road in the jungle of Pine. With the torch through his battery is draining quickly. The magnitude of the torchlight extends into the confined space of the jungle as Oliver walks. Suddenly the torchlight went fixed on a boy, who was sitting on a stone, and his face visible in the low light. But being out at night is absolutely forbidden for students. Mr Oliver asked that student, "What are you doing in this night? You have no rules for staying out of the dark." Mr Oliver tries to understand, Who can be a student with so much trouble and distress? But as Mr Oliver nears, he senses something as if the boy is crying! 


The boy covered his mouth with two hands and his whole body is trembling. Oliver repeatedly asked the boy why he was crying but the boy did not respond. Mr Oliver tried to convince the boy that the forest is not safe for the boy at midnight. Mr Oliver's torch shone on the boy's face. The boy raised his head and looked at his teacher. Although it cannot be said who is called a mouth because it is a smooth head with no nose or no eyes and no eyes. After watching this dreadful scene, Mr Oliver begins to run around with a torch falling from his hand. Mr Oliver shouts for help. Mr Oliver ran and collide with a school guard. The school guard asks Mr Oliver why you are running. Then Mr Olivier then disclosed his previous incident to all the school guard. Mr Oliver covered his face with two hands to explain his past. Then the school card raised the torch in his hand and asked, "Sir, look at once what did you see look like this one. Mr Oliver removes his hand from his face and looks up at the school guard's and terrified. Then suddenly the torch in the hands of the school guard turn off.

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