Buddhir Baire is a bengali scary story

Buddhir Baire is a bengali scary story
Budhir Baire

Buddhir Baire Summary 

My friend Priyanath and I travel from village to town for the workplace and returned home in the evening in the same way. This was our daily program. One day outside the workplace, I see a black cloud has accumulated in the sky, and it rained some time ago. During the time of returning home, I find out that my friend Priyanath has gone home after waiting for me for a long time. I was a little disappointed to hear about this on a rainy night. I looked at the sky and took my bike to travel towards the village through the dark road. I ride a bicycle as fast as I can. High-low rainfall makes it difficult to ride bicycles on wet ground. On the dark road, I heard my friend Priyonath voice during a bicycle riding. I stopped my bike and saw my friend Priyonath waiting for me in the field. Priyonath approached me and told me that he was fallen down in dark and since then, he has been waiting for me. He got up on the bike to say the rest of the words after reach in the village. Priyanath sat in the backseat of the bike and I kept on riding. After riding some distance, I feel that Priyanath is standing far away in the dark. I keep watching him. To slow down the bike, I can understand that Priyanath is standing far away. Priyanath said stop sen now otherwise you will fall down thirty to forty-foot depth due to the wooden bridge was broken down for heavy rain. Stop Sen now, or else it will happen to you what happened to me. After some time I saw Priya Nath eyes lit up and then I lost my consciousness. The next day, I was found unconscious on the road, and Priyansh dead body found 30 to 40 feet below the broken bridge.

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