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Majh rater call Summary
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Majh rater call Summary

The Five senses which we know the world, their faults are many, many mistakes are made by them but ordinary people like us trust them is immaterial. Insatiable belief in our common sense, If we do not reach the senses of this sense, we can easily blow up many things. With wisdom, we judge everything in the right way, whether it is true or false, but there are many things that are true, false, in a world where the intellect cannot grasp it, the senses accept the rate. I am sitting here today to tell a story. It's good to introduce myself a little at the beginning. In a rich city in the west, I do doctors, there is no need for a city name in this story so I did not name it. That night I was in a call away from the city and was returning alone from out of town in my old car. I have been riding alone for ten years, but now it seemed that if I had a partner, I would have been better off. To be all in this great winter. The pain he endured was nothing more. Our city is extremely spread out with interconnected by some of the major roads. The road that I was coming through is also very secluded. Infrequently there are harekahi or mahua trees, and only zero uneven ground on the side of the road. It's like non-resident in that location. However, none of this was visible in the dark. Only a little front of road area visible for my car light. Even though I had a lot of trouble in the winter, I was feeling very relaxed. My car is old but steady. I could sleep in a hot coating within half an hour. My car was moving fast, raising the sound of silence on this dark road. 

Putting myself under cover as much as possible, I was just thinking of the comfort of my hotbed. There is no one else like the Doctor, but it seemed that once I got home, no one would be able to get me out only for money. Now I was waiting for 20-25 minutes. My dream broke off due to an unexpected incident. The strange iron sound was coming from my lonely car. And I could not find any reason for this behaviour. My car came back from the service centre this afternoon without detected any problem. I was really frightened in the dark winter night for this awkwardness. There were still seven miles left. What do, if this car really stuck in the middle of the road? Due to not bring an assistant with me I was angry for my stupidity. My car was slowing down. All my driving skills do not make any difference and my car was suddenly stuck in the middle of the road. I was trying my best but that not make any response. My whole body was shaking due to Fear and real. It was hard to imagine walking seven to eight miles or difficult to spend a full night in a car this winter. Now, what to do? Doctor .......... Suddenly my heartbeat accelerated. Who... Who called me? Again I heard Doctor....... My vision was carefully inspected each and every side and suddenly my eyes stuck on a shadow, which was under a Shrub tree. I had no idea, how could this man appear in this place? I asked him who are you? Little hope reflected in my mind. May be his appeal was strange but I can get help. That man replied from that place. You don't know me. I was not busy to identify this man. I was looking for someone for help. That stranger told me before I asked him. Doctor, please come with me to check up the patient for his sickness. In that situation, that request was irritated me and also surprised me. Was this patient waiting for me at that place? That stranger caught my word and told me that It is really impossible to see you in this place at this moment. Without you, anything can happen. The long conversation was bored me in that situation, so I asked him where is your patient? He silently pointed his finger to the dark side. Tiny light rays were coming from a house.

Majh rater call

It was rare to see the house in this dislocation area. But it was not safe to visit in that place at that moment. The only hope was that I had no enemies and the short amount of money. I took my time and asked him what was the problem. He replied that he had no idea but very serious. Please come with me, doctor. I have ignored my situation and visit the patient because of my profession. It was impossible to neglect when the situation between life and death. So I told him to let go. I followed him in a dark, narrow, tiny road and reached one house after five minutes walk. Again he pointed out that house and told me that I will come, you please carry on. I have realised in the dark that house was not luxuriant. Four or five-room was there and the top was not made by a flat roof. The surrounded area was an open roof and covered by the wall. I entered that room as per instruction and the room was packed with boxes. From the opposite side of the door thin light source was coming from a kerosene lamp. One sick person laid down on a bed from the left side of the door. That sick Person told Me his thin voice, I will never forget your Kindness. please take you to sit. I saw a wooden chair, which was kept away near the window. I dragged that one and I sit on it. Again that sick man told me to sit and listen to my sickness first. I was well known about patient weird wind. 

I realized that the man explains about his disease. First, he started, Is it possible to remove my disease? I replied with a little smile, that our prime responsibility. So I can live. Again patient was replied with a weird smile. I was answered yes. What happened to you?  Not so much. The doctor has great power. He was replied with his smile. But if your power is not enough. If I die in the night. Again he was replied with his smirk. I was unable to reply to his craziness and a little worried in my mind. Again he responded. Who will pay you money, If I die at your presence? I was thinking. What a crazy man? I replied that in case anything happens, I will not take my fee. We are not served only for fees. So good people and humanity also in the world. Said by that patient and also explained, I have also prepared your fee. In case if I die then you will collect your fee from that wooden box. Please collect one more thing. promise me you will collect. It was replied with irritated by me. What? Nothing doctor only one paper but that very important. This paper is kept there, only I know and now you. If anyone knew it would not be there. That man silently explained more. Don't even think I have no kinsman, not to see anybody. I have relatives. They are waiting for my death. They believe I will not make any change before my death. They will get everything. Now I was trying to say about his disease. Your disease. I like to tell you something before you start your examination. That paper is my hole property will name to my son. 

I refused my son but unable to reject the relationship of blood. It already too late so I asked him, can I examine? Please carry on. I approached the bed and raised my hand to see the sick man. And even in that winter, all my rows began to Sweat. His hands are as cold as ice, that man already died. Only death would not have been the reason for my panic, But that different. If something is true in the medical Scriptures, this patient has never just died. He died a long time ago. His whole body is hard. Like crazy, I tested more. No mistake can not be mine. So what does this mean?  Then I no longer have the ability to think steadily. My chest trembled in panic. Suddenly the lamp doped near the window and danced. Once I saw it, there was no oil in it. Immediately in the midst of the terrifying conditions involved in the deserted desert, I was quickly escaped from the house when the light was on my sleeve, even though it was still near me. I realized the backlight and went down. Then I came out of the courtyard. I do not remember how I came to the motor car then ran through the desert of darkness. I came to the usual as my car came along the middle of the city. The most surprising thing is that the car that had stopped and strangely before, suddenly refine this car without any effort. I arranged with the People to that home on the next day to fulfil lonely patient last wish. His son owns everything these days.  I still could not solve the mystery of that day.

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