Telephone - Hemendra Kumar Roy

The telephone is a Bengali scary ghost story.
Telephone Poster design by Nilmoni Raha.

Telephone Summary

At midnight, the doctor received a telephone call from a patient and learned over the call that the patient was in the face of death. The doctor goes to see the call and from outside the house, he sees no light in the house. When he knocks on the door, the door opens itself. As there was no light, he lit his torch and dropped the flashlight around.  As a result of not lighting, he said he was a little angry that people's eyes cannot see in the dark. An invisible man told him there was no one to light the torch. Come up the stairs on the right. At that point, he goes up the stairs and he seems to rise and he wonders if he should leave the house. Nevertheless, he stood boldly in front of the patient's room. He sees darkness inside the patient's room and when he enters the room, he starts to light the torch. When asked why he wanted to know, the patient reply he could not tolerate so much Weirdness. But he said without light how would he examine patient? The patient said, then light it. The doctor is able to see if the light is lying in his mouth, the insect is coming out of his mouth and the insects are spread out on the bed.

Then the patient tells the doctor to remove the insects. How the Insect bite me. The doctor sees the patient come out of his mouth but the patient does not move his lips. And the patient slowly gets up and turns its head towards the doctor. The doctor fled the scene just after seeing the scene. And two or three days later, he would find out from another patient how long the house had been closed for a year. He died a year ago at this house, and the Neighbors burn his body because he had no relatives. The doctor still receives the telephone call every Saturday night, but he no longer answers calls.

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