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Baroda o Bahurupi
Baroda o Bahurupi

Baroda O Bahurupi Summary

I would have believed it if it was a big accident but the incident happened in front of my eyes so there is no place to blow it. Barada went to some cropland maintenance village and for a few weeks, the members of our club got a bit worried about not having any whereabouts. Finally, on the 14th day, Barada's letter arrived. In the letter, Barada invites us to his village and also maintain we do not believe in the spirit of the demons. So if we want to see in our eyes and hear in our ear then we must visit his village. Finally, after reading Brother's letter, the club four members decided that we would suddenly appear in his village to surprise him. It took us a long time to get to that House. Finally, when we reached, it was already evening. We could not see anyone except a dog sleep on the floor. We recognize Barada's dog name Khokosh after  approaching closer. Baradar dog knows us but today he did not show any special enthusiasm. Barada's servant comes out From the bottom of the straw and salutes us like military personal way. We passed him and walked through the room. I was shocked to enter the room and saw Barada standing at the dark in front of the porch of the room. Barada smiled and welcome us and we entered the room. 

Barada lit the oil lamp and laid it on the table and sat down beside us. I observed all around the room. A small hut. Barada sat next to us and told us the story of building a house. He also explains how appropriate this house is in the cold. After casual chatting our visiting member Amullo asked him about that demon. Then he replies in his own style. Baroda explained from day one to till date. We listen to his story and grab his confidence. Barada said that sometimes ghost come with the shape of the human body and also explained that as long as the ghost remains, the dog remains as a sick and lay down on the floor. He had no movement even no barking. Barada tried to convince us that if at any time you guys know that he had come, then do not panic. Afraid would be ruin everything. Sleeping in this room on the first night did not happen anything and the second night the sleep was broken due to popping noise. I heard someone in the room crouching. There was a torch on the bottom of the pillow and I threw light around it. But nobody hears. 

The same thing happened three or four times then I realized that the things that I have been studying all my life are happening now. At the end turn off my torch and said I do not know who you are? But if you have anything to say, you can. It was as if someone came up to my bed and said with a fuzzy neck. Ghost said in a vague voice that I am staying in the room such a long time and trying to talk with you but I could not due to you can afraid. I built the house and died here. There were no people to mourn, so the fox pelted my body with dogs. Ever since then, this is the house I stay in. Since then I have been alone in this house. I can't mix with anyone. There is no one to talk to, I see you come and want to talk to you. That ghost also asked, will you be afraid if I come and talk to you sometimes? Barada replied to him I will be very happy.

 Then ghost also want to know would you be scared, if you see me? Frankly, I am not horrible to look at. I look like a normal human. Barada feels little fear in his mind. Yet said I will not be afraid. Then light the lamp. I lit the torch. He was seen for a moment. This young man of our age. Dirty dyeing big hair is looking at me with interest-filled eyes. It disappeared suddenly after a while. Barada sat quietly in front of us for a while. Prithi asked him then what happened. Barada got up suddenly from something and said there was no time maybe he would come in a little while. Sat down again. 

Now he comes daily. He is also very eager to meet you. Amullo aske but what has happened he has not yet appeared. Barada said slowly that he may have appeared but you guys didn't recognize him. Suddenly someone's foot was heard from outside the room. The sound of the feet coming forward. Finally came to the door and knocked. We looked at each other in a surprising way. We went and opened the door and the person who entered is Barada. We looked back at the table where we sat and saw that there was no Barada. We were terrified and left the house on that night.

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