Ram Navami Festival of India - Significance of ram navami

Rama Navami including stories including the Hindu sacred epic Ramayana
Rama Navami

Significance of ram navami

Second April is the one of the most significant day as per hindu calendar to celebrate as a Ram Navami festival. The festival falls on a ninth day in the month of Chaitra, which also marks the end of Navratri. According to the Hindu scripture, Lord Rama was born on Navami Tithi in the Shukla Paksha of the Chaitra month at Queen Kausalya, the first wife of King Dasaratha. Prince of Ayodhya married to Devi Sita is worshipped by millions across the globe. Ram Navami is celebrated due to commemorate the birth of Lord Rama.

Methods of Ram Ramami Puja

Devotees observe on that a day-long fast and break it only after offering puja to Lord Rama. During navratri, people who participate in fast also break their fast after worshipping the god. kanjak puja is a mark of celebrate in a parts of north india. This festival comprise by devotees. Nine young girls, who haven't hit puberty, are invited by devotees to worship them  and treat them simple dishes like poori, chana and halwa or fruits. Devoties follow this process as per traditions.

Specific Time of Rama Navami Puja

As per Drikpanchang, time of rama navami puja is in between 11 am to 1.39 pm (2 hours 30 minutes).

Devotees listen or recite prayers and holy scriptures and artists perform dancing and acting to ceremonial wedding of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita and procession is taken out.
Devotees worship Lord Rama and mother Sita through this various form.

Wishing our readers a very Happy Ram Navami!

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