Jiboner Hisab – (জীবনের হিসাব) – Sukumar Roy

Sukumar Roy

Sukumar Roy was one of the key architects in modern Bengali literature. Different view of society was reflected in his  laughter poem. List of his contribution for literature is big such as
Kumropatash in Abol Tabol, Dashur Kirti, Huko Mukho Hangla, Kaath Buro, Abujh, The King, Hijibijbij in HaJaBaRaLa, Nyara in HaJaBaRaLa, Udo in HaJaBaRaLa, The CourtRoom in HaJaBaRaLa, The CAT in HaJaBaRaLa etc.

Bengalis are always so fascinated about his extraordinary writing skills. Account of life (জীবনের হিসাব) is one of that great poem in bengali literature.

Jiboner Hisab

Master, full of knowledge, rides on the beautiful boat in the middle of the river. Master asks so many knowledgeable questions to humiliate the poor sailor. Poor boatman is not capable of answering any of them. At such times the weather turns bad and there are stormy winds and rain. The sailor now wants to know whether Mr. can swim or not? Master says that he doesn't know how to swim. 

 জীবনের হিসাব

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