Hemendra Kumar Roy Collection of bengali horror story.

Hemendra Kumar Roy picture Draw by Hillol Gupta 

 Hemendra Kumar Roy

Hemendra Kumar Roy (real name: Prasad Das Roy) was an Indian Bengali writer born in Kolkata on 2 September 1888. Mr Roy started his writing at the age of fourteen. His first story 'আমার কাহিনী'  'Amar Kahini' was published in Basundhara in 1903. Latter he was edited many newspapers and journal-like Bharati Patrika, saptahik nach Ghar, masik Potro, Rangmoshal etc. He wrote more than eighty books for the children with included poetry, drama, ghost/horror stories, adventures and detective stories, historical novel. Jayant (Detective), Bimal-Kumar and Assistant Manik, Police Inspector Sundarababu, Detective Hemant, are notable characters in Bengali juvenile literature. He also wrote the memorable story for the adults-like Jaler alap,Paddokata, benojol, jader dekhchi and many more. 

One of the significant achievement is his story "Sindur Chupari" was translated into the German language and included in a collection of texts. Also his famous novel Jaker Dhan was filmed based on the adventures of Bimal and Kumar. 

Mr Roy writing was not only Limited adventure story, and poem at the same time he also a successful Lyricist. Some of the songs were very popular at that time. He brought back the conventional style and taste of singing in Bengali theatre and gramophone of that time.


Many more stories selected for the film. Such as Derso Khokar kando, Joker Dhon, Nisithini Bivisikha and many more. Hemendra Kumar Roy Pass away in 18th April 1963 at the age of 74. But he always lives through his writing.

List of the series given below

Carved life (খুদিত জীবন)

The story was published in the second volume of the author's Kishore Bhoutik Samagra form Patrabharati.

Telephone (টেলিফোন)

The story was published in the third volume of the author's Kishore Bhoutik Samagra form Patrabharati.

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