Bhoutik Bhoy samagra by Harinarayan Chattopadhyay

Hari Narayan Chatterjee

Hari Narayan Chatterjee is an Iconic name in Bengali Literature. He was born on 23rd march 1961 in Bhawanipur Kolkata. After that, his family shifted in Burma. He passed BA from Rangoon University and started working as a lawyer in Rangoon court. He came back in Kolkata during the time of 2nd world war. He became famous for writing many books for children but his first novel was Iraboti Written in the background of Rangoon. During 1948 This novel Was published Desh daily news on a daily basis. 

He was written many books for children's. His writing was based on detective, horror, comic and novel. Famous comedian Vanu Bandyopadhyay ramo drama also written by him. 


He also played the patriotic Jatindra Mohan Sengupta in the 1949 film Chattogram Astragar Lunthan. He was awarded many times for his great contribution in Bengali Literature. On January 20, 1971, Harinarayan Chattopadhyay passed away for brain hemorrhage in Calcutta.

List of the series given below

আমরা ভূতেরা (We are ghosts)

আমরা ভূতেরা taken from a এক ডজন ভূত books written by Harinarayan Chatterjee.

বিনোদ ডাক্তার (Binod Doctor)

বিনোদ ডাক্তার Binod Daktar story is taken from Harinarayan Chatterjee's best ghost story published by Shashadhar publication.

মূর্তির কবলে (Murtir Kobole)

মূর্তির কবলে Murtir Kobole is one of the best horror story written by Hari Narayan Chatterjee.

বনকুঠির রহস্য (Banokuthir Rahasya)

বনকুঠির রহস্য (Banokuthir Rahasya) also the story of two friends.

ভুতুড়ে রাত (Bhuture Bhuture Raat) 

ভুতুড়ে রাত (Bhuture Bhuture Raat) A ghost story based on old guest house.

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